Ring of Faith

I grew up in an extremely minimalistic home, which is basically my fancy way of saying we were poor. You would think that would mean I’d want to hoard everything I’ve spent money on. The irony is when I get something of any monetary value, I know I don’t really need it so I never grow any sort of attachments to the materialist object. Anytime I have had anything of value like an iPod, car, clothes, jewelry, I had a habit of losing it in one way or another, but I feel it was punishment from the universe for the poor choices I have made. Nature needs balance.

I moved here to reinvent myself, to stop my self-destructive ways. In the first week I did some exploring to enrich myself in Arkansan culture. I found a second-hand novelty store, and bought this ring for $6. I knew I shouldn’t have bought it the second I did, because rings have had the shortest life span with me. But a funny thing happened. I now have had it 13 months, and I associate it with my new better life I am making here in Arkansas, and I wear it almost every day. I thought I lost it a few times, and it was always because deep down I know I did something I really shouldn’t have. I have it set in my mind now that if I ever lose it, I am headed back towards the way I came from. My ring is a symbol of how much this new life means to me, and I don’t want to lose it because I’ve worked too hard at preventing that and I’m tired of starting over.

Love and light.



Click to access ArchetypesandSymbols.pdf

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