Techno freeze!

I was given an assignment that I truly believed would be easy. Though, I know it was easier for me compared to many of my other classmates, I still did feel that feeling as if I was missing something.  I completed 25 hours without, starting from 5:30 PM 9/12/2014 to around 6:45 this evening. Now, I actually know the time thanks to y computer because I haven’t owned a watch in 9 years.

In retrospect, I was probably harder due to the fact I was set in a restriction. I never call anyone, but once it was taken away; I felt like I had to call everyone. I’m sure it didn’t help that two hours prior to my blackout, my best friends’s mother had passed away. So felt almost guilty about that.

The  worst part was not being able to listen to my music.  I’m a product of my environment, and frankly no one in New Mexico listens to country. Sorry fellow Arkansans, I’m not into it, and you’re not into my hip hop.

I had a little soiree, which enabled a late morning. I ate out quite a bit, because I didn’t see any directions for a Lean Pocket in the oven. I re-read an entire book, and did all homework assigned. Busy bee was my name. Back to Doctor Who.

Love, peace chicken grease.

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