fake nails, bleh

After high school, I acquired my first real job, and I made more than expected for a 17 year old; I decided I really wanted acrylic nails.  My nails were above average, but I was envious of the other girls nails, long and always perfect. I was blessed with beautiful nails. I say this because I am lucky. My nails grow long, healthy and most importantly thick, even without the use of special nail treatments or hardeners.  I got the acrylics anyway.

After a day or two, my cuticles started to swell, itch and began to omit a clear liquid. My obvious conclusion was I was suffering from an allergic reaction. I wanted it so desperately for it not to be true; I tried solar nails, gel nails and although it was not acrylic; I had similar reactions. I started to ask for different glues, I tried convincing myself that it was something they were doing. They weren’t doing it right, their shops weren’t clean enough. Then I finally accepted my fate to live with beautiful, natural nails. Oh, I was cursed!!

That was 7-8 years ago, and AGAIN I’ve moved to a drastically different weather norm and thought, “No!! It was because New Mexico dried out my cuticles!!” So I got them done last month. Perfectly fine. No adverse affects, then I got them filled in,and I don’t know if it is age or what, but it was/is extremely more painful this go around. I thought my acrylics were giving my fingers warts. They are so painful.

My best friend, Google, came to the rescue, and low and behold, it’s a form of eczema. Pompholyx or Dyshidrosis eczema to be exact.  I refuse to get them removed, because I suffered a whole weekend and to give up now and let that be for nothing is not what I’m about. Self diagnosed dyshidrosis, of course. I just hate when I’m told not to do something. I guess that’s why I can’t wear acrylic gauges either.  Life is so cruel. 😉

Listen to your bodies guys, namaste.

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