Burn sex cells

The only thing I love more than music is my family (obviously includes my cat) . I don’t think I could get through life’s difficult times without either. I actually made a mix tape that I dubbed, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” It has everything from MGK, Jedi Mind Tricks, Sublime, Angel Haze, Metallica, The Beatles, Tech N9ne and many, many more. Just a good songs that marks an event in my life that had a profound impact. Not just the flavor of the week, that I will get bored within a week of.

I try to remain objective and not judge ANYTHING by what other say, mostly because they  probably have no idea what they are talking about. I heard a lot of media attention surrounding Nicki Minaj with her latest single, Anaconda, and its provocativeness. I actually used to be a huge Nicki Minaj fan after my best friend exposed me to her mix tape, back when she was a rapper. She had some good bars, and I didn’t project such a “fake” image as I feel she does now.

I finally watched her video, and I am still literally flabbergasted BET has picked her to represent them as the has best female rapper the past what? 5 years?

I don’t what I need to defend more. Rap? First of all she is NOT rap. She is talking pop. Synthesized vocals over mediocre beats with no substance in the words.  Hardly should be considered the good let alone the BEST. Or maybe I need defend women.  I find it despicable that they would show her eating a banana and getting whip cream all over her mouth and titties.  Exploited women isn’t anything new unfortunately. So we will just leave that for another time.

I’m actually really pissed she could display such a lack of class and people still want to see her ass. Agh;aiuh gaih;yizoujyhio

Breath. 1…2…3…

Until next time.

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