Mother Earth

As I’ve previously expressed in the majority of my blogs, clutter and messiness freaks me out now that I’m older. I feel anxious and stressed out when I’m around it. What really irritates me though, as I believe it should other people, is when others litter. Littering is not only unattractive, but its a blatant disrespect for Mother Earth, and a slap in the face to everyone who relies on her.

I, for one, NEVER litter. Sure the first few years of smoking I was young and guilty, but once I cared I threw my butts in the ashtray. It takes a long time for this cancer sticks to decompose in nature anywhere from 18 months to 10 years. Sometimes, I even felt guilty ashing out the window, so I stopped that too after a while. That’s what’s different about me compared to a lot of people, especially at the University. In fact, most days, I spend about 5-10 minutes out of my day picking up trash in my apartment complex, my school and every other facility or institution I go to.

Same goes for water, water is a precious commodity that even parts of our own country is suffering to make last. Once in the 3rd grade my teacher gave us some literature on how to conserve water, and we were each assigned to help conserve water in a specific way. I was assigned to not keep the water running while brushing my teeth. Believe it or not, to this very day, I still turn the water off when I’m brushing my teeth, my face, and I only shower every other day or as needed and wash my hair 2-3 times a week.

Little things everyday add up. It literally hurts when I see someone wasting water or food, because I actually think about the poor kids around the world, particularly in Africa, who grow malnourished and die, while here we are, selfishly destroying what we could be sharing.

While I can’t control everyone, I can control myself. I always think of the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Or how I relate everything to music, every lyric in Michael Jackson’s, “Man in the Mirror” speaks truth.

Somethings wrong with you if you aren’t moved by that song.

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