Two days in a row now, I have missed Doctor appointments.

One was semi my fault,the other I will stick to it being ALMOST my fault. Today, I was scheduled for an OB GYN check up, my very first one, which I scheduled the Monday following my mini-me discovery. The secretary said, Tuesday the 14th. I didn’t think much of it until I hung up, then I just figured since it was the meaningless Columbus Day, she got the days mixed up. Never assume things. Well, she did, but of course they weren’t closed for the holi-that-no-one-gets-off-work-day. It sucks, but hey! Shit happens, right?  What really sucks is the next appointment is on Halloween. I’m going to be  almost 10 weeks, by then. Lame.

During all this madness I enter the day in my phone, desk calender and when I go for my travel planner I notice that I was 2 hours late for my dermatologist appointment which took me almost two months to score. I accepted defeat and rescheduled for November 19. Lame.

Okay, so they were BOTH my fault. I just feel swamped between my lame fast food weekend job, my 15 credit hours, my pregnancy. Thank heavens I don’t have a social life, there would spontaneous combustion, which would be also be lame.

Count your blessings.

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