Battle of the poorest states

I hardly ever leave my apartment for two main reasons. Compared to Albuquerque, there is nothing I enjoy doing. I’m used to being able to go the plays, concerts, the zoo, the aquarium, the planetarium, museums, art exhibits and once in a while we’d go to the mall that has more than 10 stores, or the the mesa to stargazing or to the mountains riding the longest tramway in the world, just to get away. Or seeing the most beautiful view every crisp morning in early October watching hot air balloons grazing the clear New Mexico sky. Plenty of my friends would go hiking and fishing, but I would usually pass, not my thang.

Arkansas is totally rad if you are into outdoors-ie type, but unfortunately I am not. I wish I found it enjoyable to go fishing, or biking on a trail or mountain climbing, hunting or whatever else the South does, I’m a product of my environment though. I don’t even appreciate classic Southern cooking. I’m a city girl, and frankly if it’s in the sun, I dislike it because my allergy to the sun. “Wow!! How cool would it be to go camping and shoot some deer this weekend?” Says everyone, but me ,in Arkansas.. To each their own, I always say.

My second reason, is more from a sociological standpoint. We are drawn to people who share similar ideals, interests, and personalities ect., I have yet to meet many people who is similar to me. We travel in herds, not individually. When I seek a herd, I feel like I’m desperate trying to be their friend. I learned along time ago, through trial and error, NEVER try harder than another. I’ll do it a few times, but I don’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t want to be friends.

I know I complain about this a lot, but it plagues me everyday. Social creatures, like myself, shouldn’t be left alone in a corner, just saying. I wonder if I was only popular in New Mexico? What made me desirable there, apparently doesn’t make me cool here, I suppose. Well, Aristotle did say that those that travel alone and can’t function socially with others are either Gods or a beast.  He was a wise man. Which I one am I? I plead the fifth…

Cheers mate!

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