Dying of thirst

I was NEVER a person who enjoyed water. I actually went 4 months without water once in New Mexico because it wasn’t filtered. I don’t like soda, or many juice varieties and tea was unavailable. It’s not that I was being a water snob, it was more of the fact that when I lived there, the water was undrinkable. The city had to replace the water system after coming under scrutiny for it not being properly filtered, which  actually happened during my first full Arkansas summer.

I was so surprised when I tried the water here for the first time, it tasted so good! I didn’t need powder or liquid flavoring to help me get at least some water in me. Hot spring water is the best! I love Ozark water, but bottled water is a waste of money in the long run and a great way to produce toxic conditions in our bodies and land fills. (For those who do not understand, extreme heat has been shown to affect the plastic which seeps through to our water and for those who decide recycling is a waste of their time.)

I actually am obsessed with the water, and now that I’m pregnant, I drink about three-four 28 fl. oz. of tap water from wake up to two hours before lights out. My problem is that it was a pain that I have to urinate so often, and in the middle of the night. I don’t know if this is TMI or what, but that’s how I am and talk in real life. Spensas, okay?

Dying of thirst yo. Drink up till you drown.

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