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The other day, out of boredom, I spent about literally 2-3 hours taking pointless BuzzFeed quizzes. They are a fun way to get through the day, just pass time. I came across “Who’s your TV boyfriend?” Of course, I got Jesse from Breaking Bad. (Breaking Bad is in Albuquerque.) I read the above results and couldn’t’ believe how right it was. :Sigh:

I have a nasty habit of only being attracted to the absolute worst men. I did a private tally recently, and discovered I have never dated a guy who has not been to jail and/or prison. Not to say I’m an angel, but I still would NOT consider myself a “bad girl”, I’ve just done questionable things. You can literally look  up ALL my ex’s on here. I mean, it makes me wonder if I’ll ever mature and find a good guy I deem interesting or exciting enough to share a life with.

I’ve been in love twice, or what I believe to be love. Ryan passed away in March 2012  from a prescription drug overdose, he was a great liar, and our relationship was turbulent. Mostly because of me, and I carry that regret too. We dated for two years in between my on-again-off again relationship with Shane. This lasted 7 years, which he spent 2 incarcerated. He ended up getting a girl pregnant the summer before I moved to Arkansas. I still love him and miss him and I wil never understand why I can still care when he hurt me. Is that love? Or is that repeating mistakes? Both?

Pfft, whatever though, for real.

Love, peace, chicken grease

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