Rap <3

I’ve written about my love for music several times, and also have expressed my excitement in a previous post about a few shows I had plans to attend. Last night, I went to another Yelawolf concert (as I had seen him with Hopsin previously). Yela came with his girlfriend, Fefe Dobson and performed my favorite song, Animal. It was awesome.

Fellow rapper, Rittz was deadly, and for me personally stole the show. I’m a huge fan of Tech N9ne’s Strange music record label and the acts as it is, and I’ve listen to his music before, but never live and he’s definitely worth more hype. These white boys spit lethally live, especially acapella.

I have never been concert completely sober before, so drowning in an ocean of beer bottles (yes, I picked up a few) and smelling on clouds of marijuana smoke, was really hard for me, but I actually did it. I’m so proud of myself the be able to do that. Yay me!

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