Don’t knock it

I grew up with pork rinds, I love them.  Plain, BBQ, Spicy, I eat them all the time! I prefer the non packaged kind, the kind you can get at local Hispanic markets.

My sister used to make beans with pig skin and fat and ham hocks and no matter how different anyone makes it, that’s how I prefer it. When I was locked up, I drew out that fond memory. I would order Spicy Shrimp Ramen noodles, jalapeno liquid cheese, and spicy pork rinds off commissary, then mix the ingredients together and enjoy that between scheduled meals.

My point is that I have a lot of experience in the pork rind department, and on one of my mother and my walks in their small town, we entered the local Family Dollar. I actually had my eye on Salt and Vinegar Pringles I noticed, microwave pork rinds! I, of course, purchased this product.  You cooked it just like popcorn.I honestly couldn’t tell the difference! MMM, but I still prefer bagged.

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