My grandfather from my father’s side was a Freemason. So the concept always intrigued me. However, if you ever tried to look up what they do, you just end up reading, and reading and end with the though of, “What do they DO?”

I have all since forgotten since I moved to Arkansas, and within my first walk in discovery noticed a rinky dinky as advertisement sticking out of the ground in Ola, Arkansas.

I never really thought much about it after until I was driving in Russellville noticed there was an actual sign that states, “Freemasons welcome.”

I kept that in the back of my head until I went home this weekend, and my mother and I went for a walk on a different path and found the actual lodge.  It’s just weird considering, I never noticed blatant signs in New Mexico, at least no where I’ve been, and I know Albuquerque and suburb Rio Rancho like the back of my hand. After doing a little surface Google research all I got was that Arkansas is closely linked with Freemasonry.

Just a thought, because I seriously have NO IDEA what they do though. They could kill people, which I doubt, but I find them mysteriously interesting.


2 thoughts on “Freemasonry”

  1. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a free mason, so was her brother. Perhaps my great grandfather and his father were also, isn’t it passed down to the next generation (If you want to join?) Secret societies give me the creeps.. make me feel shunned… I’ve always hated clubs particularly those with stupid initiations. I do believe that Free Masons “Help” each other, why else do their businesses seem to succeed. Perhaps they give each other “breaks” in prices, send clients each other’s way? I still don’t approve of them though. No one should be excluded from things that help each other.


    1. My father didn’t know MUCH about the organization itself, but he did tell me that his father mentioned few details mostly about how the professions were pretty broad so they could “support” one another in times of need. I just have no idea what they do. Secret societies also give me the creeps and I also heard the Freemasons don’t accept women, but like I said I really can’t find anything definitive on the subject.


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