shriveling uuup

My first month of pregnancy was so far the worst. Now that I’m 9 weeks, the only symptoms I notice is my mild fatigue, rare moments of nausea, and never ending thirst that leads to excessive urination. I’m sure the many trips to the toilet has something to do with my chapped lips.

I own more lip products than any other type of makeup put together. I had to stop wearing lipstick because my lips started peeling, but then my colored Chapstick soon followed. I then decided to just exclusively wear my Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss Lip Butter, which previously always did the trick, and IT DIDN’T WORK!!

I began making my own lip scrub to remove my dry skin, combo of honey, white granulate sugar, and water. It helped so much, and I had the then had best idea. Vaseline! How could I forget the MANY uses and benefits of it? Vaseline helps any dry skin especially coco butter Vaseline.  Wouldn’t you know, it worked. I have since purchased a empty mini tub for travel.

How I could write an entire post on my lip care woes, really escapes me. Maybe you find use?

Stay moisturized, my friends.

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