First ultrasound!

Today, All Hallows Eve, was the first time I saw my future baby! I was so worried that I wasn’t having enough early pregnancy symptoms, that I started to convince myself that something was wrong. So you can imagine my relief when I heard the galloping rhythm of it’s heartbeat. It was officially real when I heard that.

My current due date is now June 7, 2015. A Gemini, which is my mother’s sign. At the time, the news kind of rubbed me the wrong way, which sounds silly to think, but I believe in traits of certain signs. I worried, my child and I would have the same type of relationship my mother and I have. We never see eye to eye and my  mom is really messy and argumentative. Then I realized I would be lucky, because even though my mother and I do not have the ideal relationship, we still love each other and have sacrificed many things for the other. I hope we will have the same love. I’m so excited.

Happy Halloween, be safe and don’t eat a lot of candy at once! Namaste.

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