Midterm elections

I semi-recently acquired a one day job, the fact it pays me 100 for 2.5 hours just adds to the fact that I’m really excited about it.All I have to do is to be around for when the midterm election votes are posted for Yell county.

I know a lot of young people are not too fond of politics, and it’s not hard to understand why. It, in itself, can be considered boring. Not only is it hard to follow at times, but the whole political game is very misleading and full of  people more concerned with winning than doing the right thing.

I’m very opinionated when it comes to politics, and I would hope that if you have read my blogs previously, you could gather I am undoubtedly more left than right as far as social matters are concerned, but as fiscal matters are concerned I am very conservative.

I do consider myself a Green Party, and yes, Gary Johnson was my  Governor at one point (which is weird, because he was a democrat then),  so I do share some Libertarian Party values as well.

About a month ago, in my math class, we were learning the different methods of how to count votes, i.e Borda count, plurality, ect, and she made a comment that kind of irritated me,”If you know you’re party is going to loose you should just vote for the one you like more in order to win.”  It was a comment aimed for us to understand that if all the people who voted for Ralph Nadar had just voted for Al Gore, George W. Bush would not have become president. I get it.

However, if I decide to vote for certain person, it has absolutely nothing to do about me aiming towards who I think I should lose. Maybe that’s stubborn of me, but I have thought that a Republican would do a better job more than a few times. Party has nothing to do with my decision in the end.

I couldn’t finish the midterm Senate debate, obviously because I knew that the best representative doesn’t have chance, and I know Arkansans are very Republican, unless a president was born here.  “He supported Obama!” Great rebuttal, guys.

The farther a long the debate went, no one had anything of substance left to say.Okay, I do hate politics, but at least I tried.

Stay informed, America.

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