wash your hands cochina

I am a Virgo, I very much believe in astrology. I’ve always exhibited Virgo traits, even the least desirable, at an early age. It may sound silly and illogical, but to me it makes sense after I studied it and myself more. Which goes back to my need for cleanliness, especially when it comes to preventing illness. I have not been too tired to care about preventing myself from getting sick. ‘Tis the season!!

Even though I’ve been less than excited to attend school or work lately, I do (except for when I find myself weak from regurgitating my ingested energy). I noticed an irritating thing as I was standing in front of the mirror at school.

It’s ridiculous, but I noticed a lot of the women (can’t speak for the men) do NOT wash their hands after they have gone to the restroom. I began to time a 10 minute stake out, and I actually counted how many washed their hands after using the restroom. Results? Out of 16 girls that entered on 7 left with clean hands. I find this repulsive and really it’s a personal pet peeve. It’s unhealthy and especially during flu season, I find it irresponsible.  I swear it was one of the first things I noticed that was different in Arkansas compared to New Mexico.

That’s so Virgo!

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