It’s been awhile and for this, I’m sorry. I’ve just have had overwhelming urge to constantly sleep instead of reporting my status, and  I now fall asleep at 8:30 PM and wake for school and already wish to return to sleep.

I exercise and get a boost of energy that lasts a whopping hour, then require significant rest. I fall asleep doing homework.  I eat and need to sleep. When I’m at school and work, I wish I wasn’t, and instead wish I was asleep. My love for cleanliness has drastically diminished, and instead have found myself not caring to clean up the kitchen or my room. I don’t even want to play with my cat anymore, poor thing. I have no desire to even keep up with my shower schedule.

Another concerning matter is my “prego brain”. Oh my goodness, is that not something women make up for attention! This past week I had three school tests that I swear I read and studied for (usually causing me to fall asleep, multiple times. Reading does that to me.) and I failed every single one. During my Math test, I couldn’t remember what i and m stood for, causing me to only answer 4 out of 16 questions! I cried. I got a 62 on another, cried. I couldn’t remember basic Sociology terminology. Didn’t cry but wanted tp

This overwhelming need to sleep and forgetfulness, is consuming my livelihood ESPECIALLY the past 2 weeks. Everything I’ve read, has said that pregnancy fatigue affects you the most in the 1st and 3rd trimester. That’s the hope I’m hanging on to.

3 more weeks!

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