Hi my chicken nugget

So, I got my second ultrasound yesterday, November 20th! I actually saw my little nugget moving! It was ‘jumping’ in there and moving side to side. The heartbeat was at 150 BPM, but contained static because of the active movement. Doc said my placenta was really thick, and it was providing a lot of blood flow to peanut. She also assured me, “These are great signs of a healthy baby!”

I had not even noticed it before, but I felt a weight disappear. After my brother eventually passed away from his esophageal atresi at 20, my niece’s hip dyspepsia and my nephew’s hydrocephalus, I suppose it was always in the back of my head that there was a strong possibility of having complications occurring during pregnancy or birth. I do feel extremely relieved since she said it.

I got home and probably stared at my u/s pictures for an hour, and noticed my baby’s profile was my profile in my own baby pictures. My dad says it has my grandfathers ears, “the espendez ears” he says. So happy and blessed.

tell me that's not my big ol head!
tell me that’s not my big ol head!


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