breaking the ice

Once I found out I was pregnant, I debated on if I was going to tell baby daddy. When I write it like that, it sounds super bad, and it was a bad idea that I let marinate for 15 weeks.

I tried several times to call and tell him, and I failed. I finally decided to text him the news and even thought that’s more immature than I like to portray myself at least I did it, right? Wouldn’t you know, he was more than happy to hear the news than I was.

I was shocked with his reaction because I had expected a more negative one, but he was rather helpful and offered to be apart of our lives and also offered to pay for expenses in order for him to be apart of the baby’s life. Of course, I agreed. Not sharing right away was never a thought of stemming from spite

We began to get to know each other and what was more shocking was what he told me he was going to school for: divinity. He wants to be a pastor.

I just can’t imagine how I, the irreligious and liberal person could procreate with a guy that tried talking Jesus at 8 am the day after conception. Which eventually triggered the I-got-to-go feeling which was combined with the fact he makes really bad jokes. Life really know how to keep itself interesting, another awesome detail to add to my memoir.

Keep it honest friends. Everything happens for a reason. Let’s discover this reason.

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