I had written a crazy-first-time-mom-bored blog in November 2014 addressing how obsessive I had become with finding out the gender of my baby. I actually just went back and re-read my blog post regarding the old wives tales  and now that I know I have a witto girl growing inside me, I just want to see which ones (in my case) ended up true. This obviously does NOT mean they are true for everyone.

First one was the heartbeat, but this I know is just a coincidence. The baby’s heartbeat changes throughout pregnancy, and it’s more accurate to apply this folklore to when you are giving birth.

Shettle’s method. Still don’t want to talk about it…

Mayan tale. BARELY.

My birthday is 09/19/1989: 24  ( 2 weeks after conception I turned 25)


Concieved: 2014= even (girl)

Skull theory. I was in denial with that one. I had heard so many accurate stories regarding this one.

I just want to add that on my previous post I put that I thought it was a boy, but only because I wanted one so bad. It’s easy to say now, but in retrospect, I knew she was a girl!

Don’t believe everything you read/hear!

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