NEW HAIR & stuff

My entire life I have had long hair. Extremely thick and extremely long. My mom always told me that “the prettiest girls have long hair” obviously, I was brainwashed and ever since it has always been long, except for two special circumstances: when I was 8 I had a really huge knotted tangle and when I was loosing mass amounts of hair after being released from the hospital.

My hair had recently began to reach my butt, I slowly began to notice the neck aches, then the dandruff, then hair damage, the crazy amount time it took to wash and brush, the added cost of hair products, and then the unthinkable loss of hair! Everything that had been rectified once I cut all my hair off the last time.

It was time to for mass reconstruction once again. Except this time, I didn’t ponder, I didn’t think twice, I took action. I went to the salon and got it all chopped off. – 17 inches! Strangest thing though: I didn’t care, and I still don’t! I didn’t shed one tear. Heck, I’d do it again. Maybe, an added inch or two so I can’t put it in a hair tie, but whatever….

Short hair, don’t care!

I know this is really dumb to write about, but girls are weird

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