Baby shopping

I had been saving money to take trip to Europe since I moved to Arkansas. I have always had the desire to travel, and I have always wanted to go to Italy, probably because I have a lot of Italian in me. It seemed like a positive, exciting goal I could work towards as an added incentive once I graduate .

I have been setting aside $100 a month towards this; this would give me about $7,000 once I graduated.  Once my savings account hit $1,500 I made the difficult decision to change it to the ‘baby fund‘. I still plan on taking a trip once I graduate-just not as extravagant.

With the her money, I started buying the absolute necessities I would need when she was born. Although my parents have gotten her a crib and a set of teether keys this past Christmas, I have gotten her a mattress, sheets, a mobile, a travel system, tons of wipes, diapers (more on this soon!), clothes (super cute and all sizes), and two bottles.

When I write it out, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but at least the biggest items are finalized. Shopping for my kid is like shopping for myself, except I don’t feel as guilty on spending so much.


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