Arkansas Tech University 2014-15 Golden Suns’ Women’s Basketball Season

Arkansas Tech’s 2014-2015 Women’s Basketball team is sure looking to make a good run this year in the conference, and in the statistics! Our girls have an overall combined 11 NCAA championships, four elite 8’s, 16 All-Americans, 29 conference championships and was a NCAA national runner-up. Currently the Sun’s stand tall with a 16-3 record, the team is looking to put themselves on the map. Unfortunately, the women have not been on able to keep up their impressive streak, but that does not discredit their admirable 10 home game winnings in a row!

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The Golden Suns’ basketball team has shown that they have what it takes and why they deserve to be one of the top teams in the conference especially when you look at the overall comradery and statistics. So far this season, the team has outscored their opponents by 300 points. They have outscored their opponents by 15.4 points per game (PPG). They also have left an impressionable mark in the in the season stats with the Golden Suns having crushed their opponents in overall rebounds and steals.

Golden Suns' star player statistics
Golden Suns’ star player statistics

One of the player that stands out with their individual team-leading statistics. Fatima Adams, from Bryan, Texas is a Junior Forward has showcased her potential every game. Last season she played for Blinn College and played a total of 32 games for the Buccaneers. She led the team in PPG with 23.0, and as well as field-goals made with 53.3%. This season alone, she has been leading the Golden Suns in points per game, field goals per game, rebounds, and free throws. She is proving to have what it takes to play college basketball, and Tech is very lucky to have her playing as a Golden Sun.

Adams has a strong presence on the court, but that is not to outshine the rest of the Golden Suns’ and their other star players, Katrina Hayden and Anissa Pounds. Hayden leads the Golden Suns steals and assists per game. She displays a pivotal strength in both offense and defense every time she enters the court. Anissa Pounds has demonstrated she is also a strong force to reckoned with her undeniable basketball skills that qualifies her to have a covenant spot in the Golden Suns’ lineup. She leads the team in 3 points per game and in overall minutes of possession per game.

The Suns’ not only have each other to thank for their ‘golden season’, but a lot of their success can be attributed to current head coach, Dave Wilbers. Before Tech, Coach Wilbers started off as an assistant coach before graduating to head coach and in multiple Oklahoma high school girls’ volleyball, softball and basketball teams.

Dave Wilbers
Dave Wilbers

He moved up in his rank by the mid-90s as an assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator for his home states of Kansas’ Lady Tigers. This is where he began to gain notoriety in order to obtain a position at Oral Roberts University, which was a NCAA Division I school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, Wilbers was responsible for recruiting three straight classes that helped the Golden Eagles win two Mid-Con Tournament championships, two Mid-Con regular season titles and earn two berths in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

With his resume reading so promising, the Tech family snatched him up for their 2007-2008 season. Coach Wilber has had an admirable record with the Suns’ standing tall with 184-50 statistical standing with Tech and has guided the Suns’ to several championship tournaments including NCAA II Division Championships and a also procured a spot in Gulf South Conference and just in his very first season at Tech. He has helped three Arkansas Tech Golden Suns alumnus gain covenant titles in the All-Americans honors: Amanda Grappe (‘07-‘08, ’08-’09), Jenny Viking (‘09-‘10) and Natalia Santos (‘10-‘11). He also has been ranked two times under the title of USA Today/ESPN Division II Coaches’ Top 25 Poll.


Arkansas Tech’s Golden Suns have been showing a lot of promise with their combined skills for the rest of their 2014-2015 season. Their faithful fans are sure to witness many more great plays and even more impressive skills at the coming games. It is exciting to see the capacity for greatness coming from the Suns, and to see each women play as an integral part of the Sun’s future. Hopefully the team can add another Conference Championship title this year and put the Golden Suns officially on the map as one of the top division 2 women’s basketball teams in the nation.

Be sure to check out the Golden Sun’s take on the Southwestern Oklahoma Bulldogs on Febuary 5th in Weatherford, Oklahoma at 5:30 PM. Fight on!

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