Beginning Spanish

In my total academic career, I have taken Beginning Spanish an accumulative  equaling 4 years and French 2 years.  My family always pushed Spanish on me because I am Hispanic, was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up in New Mexico not to mention about 85% of my family speaks it fluently. I always wished I could speak Spanish especially during family reunions and when ever I felt people were talking crap about me in Spanish.

I never really learned. In fact, learning a different language was never forced on me because that 15% is my intermediate family, and they are the only family I actually have a relationship with. There was never a real reason to learn it nor opportunity!

This semester, I decided to take it AGAIN (aside for the fact I need it for my degree) and focus on actually trying to learn it. My first misstep was taking it online and my second was taking 17 credit hours. I’m too busy and preoccupied with my pregnancy, I don’t feel like I have the capacity to really think of anything else or if I’m being honest I feel like I don’t have room for any other information.

I tried, but began to lag. I scored a low B on my first test and totally BOMBED my second! I literally cried. My goal was to make Dean’s list this semester and this isn’t a great foreshadow towards that goal. I take notes and the time to make flash cards, but I realized when i was done with the lesson, I hadn’t learned anything. I just need to dedicate more time and mental focus to do better next time.


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