Happy Valentine’s Day-yesterday!

I was talking to my friend, who I’ve known for close to 11 years, and she was expressed how upset she was because she didn’t have a boyfriend this Valentine’s day. Now 25, she has only been single for three years since she started dating at the age of 13.

This had me reflect on my own past Valentine’s Days. I have the exact opposite experience; throughout my entire life I have had a boyfriend for three of those 25 years. I get it, everyone is different. I’m not sad or bitter about it, in fact, I’m grateful to have a day that doesn’t make me feel sad about being single. I love being single!  I love that I don’t have to explain what I’m doing or where I’m going, I love just doing what I want to do! I love buying my family presents on Valentine’s Day, because it’s about love, and there is no one that deserves my love more than my family. It doesn’t hurt that candy goes on sale the next day.

Win, Win!

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