My Valentine’s Day

In a previous post, I mentioned how I love spending time with my family on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is actually my parent’s anniversary, so I bought them each gifts. I got my mother a coat and my dad a Arkansas Razorback silk shirt, and Ivy got them a “Happy Valentine’s Day Grandma and Grandpa!” card.

My dad took us all to Hot Springs for the day and we all went to Red Lobster. I had never been to Red Lobster in my life, and it was delicious! I wish I still had some more leftovers.

Although it was a really tasty meal and an overall enjoyable experience to spend with my family it was just too expensive to spend $18 for four crab legs and a bowl of shrimp scampi. I could understand if it was more food, but it wasn’t! This isn’t me complaining, I just think I could of made something at home for probably a 3rd of the price.

I don’t regret it, try everything once, right?  Live and learn and other cliche sayings.

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