This comes at a poor time, but I have decided to reinvent my style.

This occurred to me when I was scouting for a new bed spread. I found this really great one that I instantly felt drawn to, but when I tried picturing my following year with  it, I began debating how versatile it will be after I more accustomed to the title of ‘Mom’ whilst temporarily living with my own.

I still sleep with my blanket I got when I was 5 years old! It is not even a blanket anymore! I still sport my converse from when I was 15, you can see what color socks I have on when I wear them. I need more color in my life and less band t-shirts.  I want to project the image of someone who is maturing. I hate the thought of remaining the same person I was 10 years ago!

Of course, any form of clothing is pretty much going to have to wait until after I have my baby girl and loose some baby weight. Can’t wait!



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