Gas prices in America

When things don’t go the way people like them to, we always look for someone to blame. When it comes to gas prices, everyone is is quick to blame the current President especially if he isn’t a member of your political party. Fact of the matter is: President Obama has nothing to do with the price of our gas.

Most of the gas we consume here in America is shipped from over seas.  Just like any other commodity, we are slaves to the ones that control the product. Since we aren’t producing enough of our own oil, we are at the mercy of these other countries.

Just like anything, it’s about supply and demand. If we use more gasoline that what is available, it will cost more. A lot of our oil and natural gas is dependent on the Middle East, which as we have known for decades has been very preoccupied with war.


Read more if you still believe Obama, Bush or Clinton had any effect on the gas prices good or bad: HERE, HERE or HERE.

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