How I survived pregnancy with a portapotty

During Spring Break 2015, in preparation for a newborn, I requested to have my bathroom renovated to rectify a mold and help create space for her things. Spring break wasn’t the original plan, but I figured better sooner rather than later when I’d really be too cranky to deal with such chaos. Of course, I hadn’t anticipated it occurring in my 32nd week of pregnancy and the very week my frequent middle of the night uriniation made it’s return!

I knew this would be an issue, but I figured I could tough it out for a few more days than I actually ended up doing! I made it to day 2 (totally of 7 days) and bring on the infamous Arkansas rain storms! It was bad enough trying not to wet my bed as I climbed out, but walking an additional 200 yards to the cold rain seemed impossible for me–especially when it reached up to 3-5 times a night.


Quick fix: I used an old throw away protein container like this one and would dump every morning. Done son!!

Thanks goodness, the day I come back to school and can use real toilets my very own gets reinstalled. The joys of MY pregnancy!

Live and let live

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