How my life has changed in the past 18 months:

  • I moved to Arkansas from Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • I got off hard drugs
  • I stopped drinking
  • I stopped smoking
  • I got pregnant

942718_167161210113091_826323858_n (1)

  • I became okay with not being a size 0
  • I became okay with not being a size 9 after I got pregnant
  • I became okay with going over 200 lbs since I moved and got pregnant


  • I became okay with the fact that most of my weight is baby related and I will bounce back
  • I became determined to finish school–NO MATTER WHAT
  • I became okay with being single and pregnant
  • I became okay with not having many friends
  • I finally can honestly say don’t care what people think or say about me
  • Goals take time, sacrifice  and dedication, it doesn’t fall into your lap (usually)
  • I am ready to ‘settle down’ and move on with these changes

I don’t recognize myself sometimes, but that’s okay! Let’s see what the next 18 ,months have to offer!!

3 thoughts on “How my life has changed in the past 18 months:”

  1. I sincerely hope life’s journey goes well for you. It really looks like it is. I just lost a cousin because of her addiction. She was in and out of jail, rehab and halfway homes for years. She lost her life last month at 29 years old. She had just gotten out of a halfway house one week before she died. I guess the temptation was there again. Well I don’t think it ever left. She fell and hit her head after overdosing on her poison of choice, heroin. Luckily she didn’t suffer too much from this pain. She was brain dead for one day and died the next.
    Thank you for sharing your blog and thoughts. This is the first time I really open up about her and her death. I hope you will continue to stay strong and proud, along with raising your baby. I know what it is to be a single mom but I cannot say I know what it is to live with an addiction to heroin. I’ve suffered from addiction but not to the point of going to jail or rehab.


    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! I love the fact you feel comfortable enough to share that with me too! I’m sorry to hear about your cousin, I have too have lost a number of people to heroin and alcohol and suffered an overdose myself.

      I don’t want to spam you (so annoying) but I wrote about loosing my boyfriend to prescription pills (Never Forget) and about my long recovery from an overdose that put me in a coma for a month (5 Years), if you are pressure of course!

      Thanks again for your kind words!

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