I anchored for the first time yesterday. I don’t like anchoring because I get very thrown off by the audience. I decided to try it because studies have shown that babies need to try a new food about 10 times before they develop a desire for it. I think, in theory, the same principles could apply here. In the broadcast world, I’ve been told my writing is more for print than TV, but I love writing and working in the studio, and I am not shy to say I’m proud of the level of work I do.

So yesterday, for the first time I anchored and wouldn’t you know it was the first show that I have been apart of in a year and half that anchors had to not only do the News, but we also had to do Sports. It was nerve racking, but it got approved to go live. I know I’m more made for behind the scenes, but I am happy to expand my knowledge and grow in this part of myself.

I was awkward, but surprisingly we made the cut to go live…next week I’ll go back where I belong.


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