Be the Match

My school had a bone marrow drive on Wednesday called “Be the Match”. I originally offered to volunteer because I would receive extra credit if I had or if I had registered to donate for my Developmental Psychology class . Unaware of the linguistics of how they went about deciding who was eligible or not, I decided to be on the safe side and just volunteer as a cushion since my accident and past drug use have been issues for these types of things in the past.

I’ve been teetering between a 89%-92% all semester, and I showed up nervous as hell to get in there and get it over with to hopefully ensure I make Dean’s List this semester. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, and I want to look into volunteering at my school or other places more often. I kind of wish I had looked into this type of thing before I was a month away from giving birth! Oh well, plenty of time!


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