Journey to the new me -Goals

As you all know I’ve been doing things to help better myself. I’m unhappy and the only thing that turn that around is me – by taking steps to better my physical, mental and spiritual self. I need to do things with this life I’m given.

2016 is going to be a big year for me, if I get 2015 straight. I want to be healthy, educated, cultured, and a good mom, but that doesn’t come with what I’ve been doing. I keep saying this and that and x and y are stopping me from accomplishing things I want. My main goals BEFORE 2016 begins big and small.

  • Loose 20 pounds though diet and exercise (not starvation or drugs)

This one is not to be confused with mainly losing weight superficially. I need to lose it for my health so I can be a good example for Ivy and to be able to be more lively with her hence why I got surgery 11 days ago to remove an abnormal bone growth from my ankle.

20150920_115908 (1)

  • Do something new every week(end)

This I stole from a friend. She moved to Denver (which is a lot more fun that Russellville), and made this goal for the summer.

  • Get all As and Bs in my classes
  • Read one book every month
  • Be more social

I’m naturally a outgoing social person, but I start off in the back – to observe and evaluate. Then I warm up and you can’t shut me up.

  • Become vegan

This one is going to be hard. I’m going to slowly transition, since there is a lot of animal products in my home. From not on I will only purchase vegan friendly food, shampoo, lotion, ect. I will miss cheese, but I will do it.


  • Get a real job
  • Learn to ride a bike
  • Learn to run
  • Continue veganism
  • Get a new car
  • Get my own place
  • Start dating
  • Make long lasting friends
  • Take chances

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