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What the Flea?


This summer, I obtained two new roommates who ended up being accompanied by two other cats. In preparation for this drastic lifestyle change, I took my beloved cat, Jackson Montgomery, to the vet. I had the intention of sparing him and myself the agony of having to endure certain ailments that plague his species, but alas he was diagnosed with fleas and worms after the arrival of Reptar and Wilma. Worms! ¬†After a series of treatments, he was free to go, but he has hardly been able to move since. It absolutely breaks my heart to have to see him go through such trauma over something out of both of our control, since he is my responsibility. How he turns out, is dependent on me. Now, I know how my parents felt raising me, all the worry and anguish over things they couldn’t control, and yet I like to think I turned out okay. Let and let live.