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Mmmmm, calcium!

I have been obsessed with milk ever since I was a baby  according to my mom. I remember being an 8 year old kid and downing a gallon of cow’s milk by myself within two days.  (This should of been the first sign of my impending drug addiction.)The price of milk since then has increased significantly, so I’m sure that was a contributing factor on how I took control of my milk addiction.

I became a ‘milk connoisseur’, strawberry, chocolate, goat, organic, skim, whole, 1%, 2%, almond, soy, coconut, powdered, evaporated, off brand, expensive, ect. the list goes on. I love milk.

I saw a commercial for Silk Cashew milk, and I was like, “OMG, cashews are my favorite nut, I love Silk Almond milk.” Although I enjoyed it a lot,and I will get it again, I honestly can say I prefer the Silk Almond taste and it’s a shame that the cashew contains 0 grams of fiber. I’m sure Silk will come out with  one with added fiber and protein just they did with their almond milk.

MMM milk!

TMI: Things only Mothers will understand

Since I became pregnant, I soon realized a lot of things that happened to pregnant women that I feel never get addressed publicly. I believe if young females were more educated on what it meant to actually carry a child, safe sex would be practiced more frequently.

You hear the common shitty aspects of being pregnant: backache, headaches, mood swings,heartburn, weight fluctuations, and stretch marks. I was/am prepared for all of that! Fact of the matter is, I haven’t been affected by much of those yet except the 27 lbs I have gained and recent appearance of major acid reflux! It was the things I noticed that I never hear getting discussed publicly is what freaked me out the most. Thanks again for saving the day Google and What To Expect…

I imagine the ‘taboo’ of it all is simply because they are really weird, annoying and gross. The things that I feel no one talks about, but should are:

  1. How much fiber you’re going to have to consume to prevent constipation – which is virtually inevitable without proper amount of fluids and fiber. Constipation leads to hemorrhoids, which is more common than I had previously thought. It’s not excessive to make sure everything you eat and drink is high in fiber!
  2. Your nipples are suddenly 10x darker than before due to hyper pigmentation. What??? Why? This is supposed to go back to normal after you give birth, phew!
  3. Sneezing. This is one thing I have had all 27 weeks! I sneeze at least 7-10x a day still. Carry tissues with you at ALL TIMES!
  4. Leakage, ESPECIALLY when you sneeze, laugh or cough. One word: Kegels! I like to do a set of 10 every time I use the restroom. It’s supposed to help with labor too!

My last piece of advice, like always, is water, water, water! I can’t stress the importance of water in general and how much more important staying hydrated it is for you and the baby during pregnancy.  Lack of hydration can lead to low amnionic fluid, noticeable Braxton Hick contractions and even pre-term labor!