No more silence in the church


I grew up Roman Catholic, but my parents believed I should decide for myself where my true faith lies. I always respected that, and I studied several various religions only to find they are all the same in one sense or another. Today, I went to church for the second time in 5 years, but it mostly to strengthen my connection with my parents. I believe in a God, it’s his followers and their beliefs that deter me from attending Church.

It’s strange though, I will always consider myself a Catholic, mostly for cultural reasons rather than religious. I went to Catholic school, I’ve been baptised and went through Communion. I am a Catholic by Catholic law.

Do I believe Jesus was crucified? Sure, it was a common practice back then.  Do I believe he was born of the Virgin Mary? I believe in logic too much to answer that. Do I believe he was resurrected? Well, to be fair there are several accounts of people believed to have passed and rose again. These beliefs prove I am not a true Catholic, but I am a proud hispanic, and I associate being hispanic with Catholicism. If that’s a hypocritical statement, I would blame the Catholic Church. Peace be with you.


Facebook is lame!

Yesterday, I was given an assignment to notice how technology has impacted my everyday life. Funny thing, I actually am already fed up with all of the networking sites. Everything can be made so impersonal. You can be a dick and break up over someone via text, web, or email if you really wanted to. You can find out your best friend had a baby through Facebook or you can find out your dad went to Puerto Rico through Instagram.  Sure, I absolutely want to say in touch with my highschool friends and extensive family, but not at the risk of all the drama I have experienced with social networking sites. If I google my name you see everything of mine since my last name is extremely rare.

Screenshot 2014-08-30 08.34.40

How embarrassing! Employers look at all that and your daily activities, ex-boyfriends can stalk you, etc. Those aren’t even the worst, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I am unable to have a conversation with someone without them looking at their phone.  Last time I checked,  that was rude. To prove I genuinely do not care, I lost my phone last night and I don’t have any digital cameras. Ugh. The horrors, right? So that picture is from my instagram.


What the Flea?


This summer, I obtained two new roommates who ended up being accompanied by two other cats. In preparation for this drastic lifestyle change, I took my beloved cat, Jackson Montgomery, to the vet. I had the intention of sparing him and myself the agony of having to endure certain ailments that plague his species, but alas he was diagnosed with fleas and worms after the arrival of Reptar and Wilma. Worms!  After a series of treatments, he was free to go, but he has hardly been able to move since. It absolutely breaks my heart to have to see him go through such trauma over something out of both of our control, since he is my responsibility. How he turns out, is dependent on me. Now, I know how my parents felt raising me, all the worry and anguish over things they couldn’t control, and yet I like to think I turned out okay. Let and let live.