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Spring Break

I feel my life has been so hectic lately. I’m not doing hardly as much as other mothers or mothers to be, but school and life in general has had me preoccupied and in conjunction with my much anticipated new baby I feel really busy. It doesn’t help that I’ve had to dedicate extra 3+ hours to sleep a day to maintain sanity and happiness!

I can see how many can neglect relationships and responsibilities when you are expecting. Life seems to run away from you as you’re preparing for a permanent change in your life. I really wanted to take on as much school as I could, finalize as many purchases as I could, and be involved in family and friends as I could.

Unfortunately, I fell drastically behind in most of my duties! Ugh! That’s okay, because that’s why Spring Break was invented! Being the Virgo I am, I devised a plan to accomplish most to all of my duties. This means I made a list of my goals.

Why do I make lists of things?

I like to be inspired to do something when I have set a reward for myself once I have accomplished it. My daily lists are currently rewarded by an episode or two of House of Cards.

I’m dying to know what happened next!

Here are some tips I follow when I start a list:

  1. Think short term and long term. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, ect.
  2. Don’t be afraid to set seemingly impossible. If it seems to be too much, set shorter term goals to help gain more momentum and experience for the bigger goal. Saving in longer stretches to be able to go to on a dream vacation.
  3. Write it down! This is big for me. Sometimes I have so many aspirations that I get lost in my own mental lists and forget a lot of stuff.
  4. If you are uninspired to complete tasks that give little to no satisfaction or even one that isn’t instant gratification, give yourself something you really want a your favorite meal, a new outfit even some ice cream to drive you to accomplish the more daunting tasks. Or if your like me, Netflix.

Screenshot 2015-03-22 14.58.53

I just wanted to share some of my tips, it’s probably nothing you haven’t heard before, but I know sometimes I need to be reminded from time to time.

If my tips suck check out one I was inspired by Virgin Mobile founder Richard Branson. Google also just gave me the great idea of using Excel next time! How lame am I that I’m excited to actually have purpose for my Excel now?

Happy tasking!!