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Birthday wishes

Yesterday was my birthday, and I was shocked and frankly a little offended that 3 of my closest friends posted ‘Happy Birthday!!” on my Facebook wall and that was it. Of course, I’m grateful they acknowledged my birthday, but at least shoot me a text. It was very faux pas.

Here’s my list of impersonal birthday wishes in the order of sucky:

  1. Happy birthday post on Facebook or other public social media
  2. Happy birthday message on Facebook or any social media
  3. Happy birthday text
  4. Happy birthday call
  5. Happy birthday in person
  6. Happy birthday in person with presents

Okay, obviously that last one is very rare. If you’re close with someone at least shoot them a text.

Thanksgiving week!

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving break! My parents and I are going to visit my mother’s sister in Houston. I’ve been to Houston once before to visit. My aunt Lily was a home ec teacher (do they still exist?) but her husband is a retired FBI agent, and they are millionaires and have the nicest house, cars and things. So Thanksgiving is going to be really fancy this year! I love food, and she has this wonderful gourmet taste, so I’m really excited!!

My niece Isabella’s birthday is December 1st. She’s going to be 8 two days after we all leave Houston. They live in El Paso, so we don’t even see each other once a year for Thanksgiving since we moved from New Mexico. So I feel very grateful to be sober this year so I can actually celebrate and afford to give my niece a gift.

Isabella is a bilingual, Catholic school girl, who plays guitar and violin, so getting her gifts is difficult because when I was her age you could get me anything and I’d be happy. I do remember when I actually visited them this summer she was into Monster High, Hello Kitty, Disney and Frozen. Kids stuff you know.

Well, I’ve never seen Monster High, but it looks AWESOME. I grew up with Disney, and I decided to work with that as a gift, because I’ve never been able to be a proper aunt and give her gifts based on her likes. So I’m happy to give it to her. I hope she likes it as much as I would.

Happy Birthday, Christine! I love you!

This morning I awoke, started my usual routine, because as always routine is important. I threw on some music, made my coffee and cleaned the kitchen. Then, the strangest thing happened, I started to cry.

“It’s hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in the world. Sometimes, I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and my heart feels up like a balloon that’s about to burst.”

-Kevin Spacey as Lester Burnham in American Beauty

That’s one of my favorite quotes. It defines me perfectly. I don’t remember the last time I cried about a feeling that reflected my inner turmoil. I learned a long time ago, if you don’t like it, change it. No use crying over spilled milk.

My tears are saved for others, and those pitiful Sarah Mclachlan commercials, of course.  Ellen DeGeneres’ name should be Ellen Generous because she does so many great things for people. I can’t make it through any of her shows without crying. Random factoid. I welcome feel good tears though because it gives me hope that goodness still exists in our decaying world.

Anyway, it is out of character for me to burst into tears, and I know it’s because I miss home, but most importantly, I miss my friends. Yes, I’ve lived here over a year, and I still call Albuquerque home. This is probably due to the fact that I have yet to make a single friend in Arkansas. Home is where heart is, is how the saying goes.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have to spend it alone, no friends or family. No one should be alone on their birthday. I cried…Over myself. How shallow. Yet, repeating it makes me want to cry. Curse you, human response.

Last week, I had originally planned to decorate my apartment, buy myself a birthday cake, take myself out to dinner and toast myself and my year’s accomplishments with a glass of Chardonnay and you know what? I still will, because I know I deserve it! Whether there is someone there to share it with or not, because I love myself and respect myself that much. ❤ Take note fellow reader.

Happy birthday to me. Keep it positive. No one gets out alive.