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Dealing with gender disappointment

As soon as I had found out about my pregnancy, I was convinced I was having a boy. When I pictured myself raising my child, it was always a rambunctious little boy. I tried to remain open-minded to the fact that there was a good chance I wouldn’t have a boy, but I didn’t really think it would be a girl.

On January 7th, I was told it actually was a girl. I was in literal shock when the ultrasound tech told me. I felt my heart sink. My breath escaped me and my throat closed. I was heartbroken. What she said after, I’ll never know. I could only reacted with silent tears.  I feel bad I couldn’t even pretend to be excited! I feel so ugly and guilty. Why couldn’t I just be happy to receive news that my baby girl and I are both healthy? Why did it matter? Seriously? So silly…

We often hear and/or read horror stories about mothers being upset about the gender, and there is this stigma attached about being a bad mom or unappreciative.I don’t want to be that person, I don’t want to be sad about hearing the news that I’m carrying a healthy girl. I am very aware there are women who can’t even conceive, and they would take my place any day.

I’m already starting to be able to picture our future and she’s a she. I’m sure once I have her, I will be in bigger disbelief I felt like that. I have no doubt I will love her more than I have ever loved another soul. I have always trusted the universe to give me what I need and what will help me grow as a person. It just has taken me time to get used to.

I got so used to calling her Zander for three months, and I using gender specific pronouns. I almost feel like I lost something. How silly! My family feels I’m overreacting, but I can’t help I had my heart set on a boy. Why? I don’t know, I’m sure there is some psychological reasoning behind it. Needless to say, it was a shitty week.

Moral of the story, it’s really okay to experience these emotions. Pregnant women not only have all these extra hormones racing through us, have the added stress of a new baby and surprise! We are only human!

In effort to expedite the expulsion of  my negative thoughts. I started shopping for girl clothes and decor for our new little place. It’s taken some time, but it’s working! I am on the prowl for girl names and even opened myself up on pink. 131 days-ish remain! AHHH!!! I truly just want to meet her!! I can’t wait!

We will be okay!


gender predictions

I find out my baby’s sex around 20 weeks, I’ve been going every 4 weeks on a Thursday so my logic concluded I will find out the sex on January 15, 2015. The suspense is killing me!

Like any first time mom, I’ve been doing research on many myths on how to predict gender. None of these should be taken seriously, of course, as they are not backed up scientifically (however I did put an asterix next to the ones that have some type of merit or positive feed back from moms..)

They just folklore (old wives tales) passed  down for generations. I’m very logical, but couldn’t help myself, 8 weeks feels like forever away! I still want to do the draino test and Intelligender, but they cost money 😉


These haven’t changed, I’ve always been more of a spicy and salty (cheese !!!!) fan, but I’ve been repulsed by sweets, which is supposed to signal:


Heartbeats Per Minute (BPM):

 8 weeks: 166

12 weeks: 150


Baking soda test*:

Didn’t fizzle


Chinese Calender*:




Boy. (most early pregnancy show low though)

Shettles method*:

Girl. (I prefer not to comment on that night lol)

Morning sickness:

Not sure how to answer this because I have only thrown up once and only had nausea caused by lack of food/water. I would still say no.


Ring test*:







Mayan Tale:

My birthday is 09/19/1989: 24  ( 2 weeks after conception I turned 25)


Concieved: 2014



Garlic Test:


(I love garlic, and I had made fresh garlic bread and seriously  could smell it for days even after 2 showers!! Gross!!)

Skull Theory*:


(It’s hard to tell though and it really should be undetermined, because I look like my dad and the baby  I think looks like me. It also shares both male and female theories.)



Mommy intuition: 

Boy. (This is hard to say because I just want a boy so bad)

Final tally:



Silly 🙂