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Thanksgiving from Hell

I went with my parents to Houston for Thanksgiving break to reunite with my moms side of the family. HUGE MISTAKE! More on that on another blog. Everything was great, I was catching up having a good time, when I got a call from my OBGYN office saying my blood test results were in, and they called my pharmacy to up my hypothyroid medication. I figured this because I’ve been total scatter brained and exhausted most of my pregnancy, no surprise there.

Two days passed, and I got a second call saying another lab came back showing an excessive amount of antibodies that fight hepatitis C. They told me not to worry because during pregnancy the body does strange things, and that I should come in ASAP for additional blood tests to ensure I do not suffer from this and if I do, what my next steps should be.

I couldn’t believe my ears! Hep C. After being an intravenous user for a decade, there was always a likely chance I could develop it. When I got arrested, I got checked. Negative. Then just to be extra careful, I got checked again late last year. Same results. I hope this is just a prego fluke because obviously I don’t want my first present to my child to be a disease, but I also do not want to have another thing to remind me of the shitty choices I’ve made.

I go in for additional testing Monday, Dec. 1st. Wish me luck!