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Bathroom remodel update!

I wish I would have taken BETTER before pictures to add effect to the after pictures, but like I had mentioned in a previous post of mine, we are remodeling our bathroom.

We purchased this house in the middle-of-nowhere, Arkansas and a steal at 17,000. It’s an extremely spacious old fashioned home where working door knobs now cost almost a hundred dollars and had windows you cranked. We had originally planned to only spend close to 10 on renovations and selling it for profit, but the house sucked us clean into debt and now that we are having a newborn coming to stay forever, there was no way we could skimp on this room–especially considering there was a serious mold issue!

At the moment, we are lucky to have a working toilet. I’m VERY okay with this idea so I’m not too concerned with the fact that there is till much more work to be done before I bring Ivy into this world.

So far we have re-done the floor: laid out new tile floor, and covered the walls with ceramic white tile that really brightened the space up!!

I’m very happy to have it looking so good!!


How I survived pregnancy with a portapotty

During Spring Break 2015, in preparation for a newborn, I requested to have my bathroom renovated to rectify a mold and help create space for her things. Spring break wasn’t the original plan, but I figured better sooner rather than later when I’d really be too cranky to deal with such chaos. Of course, I hadn’t anticipated it occurring in my 32nd week of pregnancy and the very week my frequent middle of the night uriniation made it’s return!

I knew this would be an issue, but I figured I could tough it out for a few more days than I actually ended up doing! I made it to day 2 (totally of 7 days) and bring on the infamous Arkansas rain storms! It was bad enough trying not to wet my bed as I climbed out, but walking an additional 200 yards to the cold rain seemed impossible for me–especially when it reached up to 3-5 times a night.


Quick fix: I used an old throw away protein container like this one and would dump every morning. Done son!!

Thanks goodness, the day I come back to school and can use real toilets my very own gets reinstalled. The joys of MY pregnancy!

Live and let live