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Everything – A Poem

When I first met you,

I was overwhelmed with intimidation

I couldn’t interact

Your body spoke with wisdom and confidence

I wasn’t worthy of your presence

I hid.

Fastforward 4,

You were different

rediscovering the world

it circled without you.

I was different

weathered and tattered

dizzy from the constant rotation.

We were different.

I shared my body

my remedy.

You shared your world.

Fast forward 1,

We related over what we had lost

related over a flick

over a stick

over a prick.

Related over stars

over bars

over scars.

Similarity created miles

but brought us skin to skin

when life fast forwarded 2

I knew.


your touch sent deep shivers,

your gaze made my heart skip

when your beat felt natural.

Your breath tasted sweeter

your body was warmer

your arms felt tighter.

I knew,

I missed you,

needed you,

I was in love with you.

You’re my best friend.

You’re my soulmate.

You’re my everything.

Time will show you that I’m yours.

To my best friend:

I’ve moved around a lot in my short life, and it makes for great story material and much adored knowledge. My analytic mind loves being able to compare the climates, the cultures and nature. Up until I moved to Albuquerque/Rio Rancho, New Mexico, I never had the opportunity to make long-lasting friends that I desperately always sought out.

Although, I have brother and sister, they are much older and I essentially grew up an only child, which in total makes for a lonely childhood. If we include my college experiences, I have lived (where have many tangible memories) in 3 states, and I’ve been to 16  different schools. Yes, I have counted…

Once I moved to Albuquerque, I met my best friend, Alfred Cordero. We were in the 7th grade when we met, and we grew closer as time went on. We were both crazy, very annoying, ridiculous, borderline embarrassing drama geeks always looking for a laugh! There were a few more of us, but he’s the only one that remains in my life.

Although 800 miles separate us, we still talk almost everyday. Even throughout our darkest times, living together, and through both our different lifestyles, we remain the best of friends. We have honestly only had maybe 2 real fights our entire friendship that spans 12 years!

I’m overwhelmingly blessed to still have him to share my experiences with. I’m seriously very lucky. He’s the epitome of a great friend. He is ALWAYS there to hear me complain about mindless crap, to share music choices, indulge in our daily food decisions, compare boy stories, talk family drama, and most importantly to make each other laugh. (He’s always been way funnier though!)

Most importantly, he’s decent, genuine person. I know I can be completely honest with him, and I can trust him with my secrets. Which if you ask anyone in the Albuquerque area, that’s a rare quality to find. If I lend him money he will actually pay me back, which I can’t say about my bro or sis because they don’t.

After all my other friends essentially ended up screwing me, he didn’t, and I’ll always remember that. I strive to be a good friend to him, to be a better friend, and I hope I’m worthy to be his friend too.

I heartchu, my best friend!