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Everything – A Poem

When I first met you,

I was overwhelmed with intimidation

I couldn’t interact

Your body spoke with wisdom and confidence

I wasn’t worthy of your presence

I hid.

Fastforward 4,

You were different

rediscovering the world

it circled without you.

I was different

weathered and tattered

dizzy from the constant rotation.

We were different.

I shared my body

my remedy.

You shared your world.

Fast forward 1,

We related over what we had lost

related over a flick

over a stick

over a prick.

Related over stars

over bars

over scars.

Similarity created miles

but brought us skin to skin

when life fast forwarded 2

I knew.


your touch sent deep shivers,

your gaze made my heart skip

when your beat felt natural.

Your breath tasted sweeter

your body was warmer

your arms felt tighter.

I knew,

I missed you,

needed you,

I was in love with you.

You’re my best friend.

You’re my soulmate.

You’re my everything.

Time will show you that I’m yours.