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Wisdom teeth-ouch!!

Maybe the added calcium I’ve been consuming has added to the sudden appearance of my bottom wisdom teeth. My top came in just fine after I turned 20, there wasn’t even much pain. Unfortunately, my lower jaw did not make enough premeditated room for my remaining wisdom teeth. I have been experiencing mild headaches that I chalked up to my pregnancy, but yesterday I noticed my bottom teeth coming in. The strange thing is that the gums don’t hurt, just some residual effects of the sudden appearance.

One looks like it’s coming in fine and the other looks like it’s coming in crooked. I know what you’re thinking: see a dentist. I have only been to a dentist three times in my entire life. Once was for an emergency extraction which took place in Juarez, Mexico, another was when I was 15 for a check up and last time was a ¬†jailhouse check up. They all said I had perfectly healthy teeth, especially considering my lack of dental health check-ups.

My brother, who has just turned 44 went to the dentist recently after not going after 20 years and was told he had all four wisdom teeth, and they were the only ones with cavities-he was also told he had a bullet lodged in his chin that doctors couldn’t find after getting shot at, but that’s another story. ¬†My dad has two cavities and my mom has three-out of my entire intermediate family!

Thankfully, milk was my dentist, and I was lucky to have been blessed with good genes and with enough of the proper nutrition!