Facebook is lame!

Yesterday, I was given an assignment to notice how technology has impacted my everyday life. Funny thing, I actually am already fed up with all of the networking sites. Everything can be made so impersonal. You can be a dick and break up over someone via text, web, or email if you really wanted to. You can find out your best friend had a baby through Facebook or you can find out your dad went to Puerto Rico through Instagram.  Sure, I absolutely want to say in touch with my highschool friends and extensive family, but not at the risk of all the drama I have experienced with social networking sites. If I google my name you see everything of mine since my last name is extremely rare.

Screenshot 2014-08-30 08.34.40

How embarrassing! Employers look at all that and your daily activities, ex-boyfriends can stalk you, etc. Those aren’t even the worst, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I am unable to have a conversation with someone without them looking at their phone.  Last time I checked,  that was rude. To prove I genuinely do not care, I lost my phone last night and I don’t have any digital cameras. Ugh. The horrors, right? So that picture is from my instagram.




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