No more silence in the church


I grew up Roman Catholic, but my parents believed I should decide for myself where my true faith lies. I always respected that, and I studied several various religions only to find they are all the same in one sense or another. Today, I went to church for the second time in 5 years, but it mostly to strengthen my connection with my parents. I believe in a God, it’s his followers and their beliefs that deter me from attending Church.

It’s strange though, I will always consider myself a Catholic, mostly for cultural reasons rather than religious. I went to Catholic school, I’ve been baptised and went through Communion. I am a Catholic by Catholic law.

Do I believe Jesus was crucified? Sure, it was a common practice back then.  Do I believe he was born of the Virgin Mary? I believe in logic too much to answer that. Do I believe he was resurrected? Well, to be fair there are several accounts of people believed to have passed and rose again. These beliefs prove I am not a true Catholic, but I am a proud hispanic, and I associate being hispanic with Catholicism. If that’s a hypocritical statement, I would blame the Catholic Church. Peace be with you.

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