On Sunday my mother,father and I went to Hot Springs for a little Sam’s Club shopping spree for our birthday we share on September 19th. I had been expressing how desperately I needed a better mattress pad since the old one had been keeping me up at night for months. I got myself a really awesome one for 100 bucks! Never felt anything like it, it is so amazing cooling gel for summer warm side for winter. Winning.

I come home, and I wash all my linens in preparation for the new edition. Wouldn’t you know, within twenty minutes my roommates cat, Wilma, pissed all over my bed!! I was so irritated, I could have cried. It not only went through two covers and my sheets but went through my thick new pad.

I love cats, I really do. Even more than humans. I used to rescue cats back in New Mexico, and I’d volunteer at the local shelter. The cool thing about cats is, is they are like that crock pot, set it and forget it. Cats are self reliant, they don’t really need us.  Food, water, shelter and good. Of course, I go overboard. I never had to train a single cat in my life to use the litter box. My bed is not a litter box.

I love cats, I love cats, I love cats.

“It’s not stress that kills us its our reaction to it.”

Keep it positive. Namaste.

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