I hadn’t looked at the musical shows that are going to be in Little Rock recently, mainly because I’ve had bad luck finding artists I genuinely enjoy coming to Arkansas. But!! I finally found two!!

I was so excited I NEARLY cried. Two hip hop shows within nine days of each other. I am so excited. Atmosphere, or the emcee Slug,  is not only one of my ALL TIME favorite hip  hop artists, but I’ve met him about three times in my life. He’s really intelligent and compassionate, and he grew to recognize me. It was depressing when I saw him last; I was using a walker, and the look he gave me really cut deep. I hope I can see him again, and he not only be surprised how far I have came in recovery, but be surprised to see me in Arkansas.

Me, Slug, Sara


I’ve seen Yelawolf with Hopsin once in New Mexico last year when I visited for my birthday. I didn’t meet him, but I reckon he’s going to have a pretty filled concert considering he’s from the South. Anyway, each show is 20 dollars, while Yela is October 28 and Atmosphere is November 6. So you can bet you will see me at Juanita’s in Little Rock those days.

Yay, Namaste!!


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