False Marketing

In my Intro Multimedia class, we learned how marketing companies have all our demographics on file in order to turn around and sell our information to companies that sell a product or idea to make a ‘more than likely buyer’ out of us. For example, since I have set up a registry at Walmart (the only major chain within 60 miles of my small town and is also accessible to my New Mexico friends) I often see ads to buy the merchandise that I actually have on my registry on other seemingly unrelated websites like Pandora.

Another example would kind of be how when we go on Google and the search engine automatically tries to finish our search sentence. Since I often look up my pregnancy ailments and end with a ’33 weeks pregnant’ everything I Google always ends in __ pregnant.

I learned this info last semester, but my teacher said that it typically just stays for a month–like my Fisher Price Rock n Play appeared on my Pandora for that amount of time. I get this, we are bombarded with ads constantly and it shouldn’t really bother me–and it usually doesn’t. Until I started noticing Kate Hudson’s workout gear being advertised on every single website I visit–Pandora, Yahoo! News, Facebook, ect. I can’t understand why, I have NEVER been even slightly interested in her clothing line, nor her movies! On top of that, it has been appearing for about a year!

Screenshot_2015-04-12-07-50-06 Screenshot_2015-04-12-22-18-17

A year!! I wonder if it’s just me? I seriously wish there was a person I could talk to to ask for them to remove it or a set of demographics I can edit in order to make use of their advertising space. I would rather see something I’d be more than likely to buy than stupid Kate Hudson yoga pants!!

4 thoughts on “False Marketing”

  1. Yup some of what you talk about is called retargeting advertising. For example, if I’m shopping for shoes and I don’t finish the purchase, it will follow me to another site. I’m in media sales and we are trained on all of this three times a week. It’s so much information and very technical. They probably hit you up with these ads because of your gender, age, interests, education background, etc. Maybe the ads will go away if you reset/remove your history and cookies? There should be a video on YouTube to help out. There’s videos for everything you could imagine there.


    1. I think it’s connected to my Google account, because why would it be on both my computer and phone? I know how the advertisers target the consumers, but I think they could be pushing something a lot more relevant to the products I tend to buy. I don’t see how they STILL think I will buy Kate Hudson’s product. Haha.

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