Thanksgiving week!

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving break! My parents and I are going to visit my mother’s sister in Houston. I’ve been to Houston once before to visit. My aunt Lily was a home ec teacher (do they still exist?) but her husband is a retired FBI agent, and they are millionaires and have the nicest house, cars and things. So Thanksgiving is going to be really fancy this year! I love food, and she has this wonderful gourmet taste, so I’m really excited!!

My niece Isabella’s birthday is December 1st. She’s going to be 8 two days after we all leave Houston. They live in El Paso, so we don’t even see each other once a year for Thanksgiving since we moved from New Mexico. So I feel very grateful to be sober this year so I can actually celebrate and afford to give my niece a gift.

Isabella is a bilingual, Catholic school girl, who plays guitar and violin, so getting her gifts is difficult because when I was her age you could get me anything and I’d be happy. I do remember when I actually visited them this summer she was into Monster High, Hello Kitty, Disney and Frozen. Kids stuff you know.

Well, I’ve never seen Monster High, but it looks AWESOME. I grew up with Disney, and I decided to work with that as a gift, because I’ve never been able to be a proper aunt and give her gifts based on her likes. So I’m happy to give it to her. I hope she likes it as much as I would.

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